Step-by-step guide to registration

​1.On the Home Page click REGISTER TODAY.

2. ​Next, fill in the number of walkers you would like to register, click next

3. On the additional Information Page, you will have an opportunity to list a team name if you wish to create or be a part of one. This is not required to do the walk. Fill in the detailed information about each participant for which you are registering. When registering multiple people the initial registrant will be for the contact person for everyone. Please encourage your additional participants to set up fundraising pages. Click next.

4. You will immediately receive a confirmation with the link to create a fundraising Page and Join a Team. Please personalize your page, donate to yourself and send out to your friends, family, and more. Participants who donate to themselves first are more likely to see people support their fundraising efforts after receiving your ask email, social media post, etc.

To create a personal or team fundraising page: 

1. Visit Create Join Me Fundraising Page.

2. Find the "Click here to join!" link and create a Join Me account to set up your fundraising page. 
3. Edit your fundraising page and tell us about your story.  
4. Promote your page, share on social media, and invite family and friends to join your team.

To join a team fundraiser as a member: 

1. Find your team on the Individual & Team Directory Page.
2. Click to go to the team fundraising page.
3. Click the "Join as member!" link located on the bottom of the team fundraising page and create your Join Me account. 
4. Edit your personal story so it appears on the team fundraising page. 
5. Share your team's page on social media.  

Thank you for your support! #DragonslayersUnite

Community Events

$1,000 provides a fun event to patients and families to reduce isolation & grow community.

Patient Grants

$250 provides a grant for transportation, household or medical expenses. In 2019, over $100K was provided to patients.


Since 2011, NWSF has invested $340,000 in sarcoma specific research.

Sarcoma Journal Club

$2,000 hosts a journal club for sarcoma physicians across PNW to discuss the latest research.



Northwest Sarcoma Foundation

117 E Louisa St #443

Seattle, WA 98102