Dragonslayer Weekend September 18-20, 2020

A Dragonslayer Team brings together family and friends with one goal -- to Slay the Dragon of Sarcoma.

*Joining a team as a member on the team fundraising page does not register you for the Dragonslayer Walk. Please register at the Registration page. 

To start a team fundraising page: 

1. Visit "Team Join Me Fundraiser Signup" page. 

2. Find the "Click here to join!" link and create a Join Me account to set up your fundraising page. 
3. Edit your fundraising page and tell us about your story.  
4. Promote your page, share on social media, and invite family and friends to join your team.

Download the Team Captain Guide for tips and information on leading a Dragonslayer Team.


Get your team together, fundraise and get ready to Walk to End Sarcoma.



Northwest Sarcoma Foundation

117 E Louisa St #443

Seattle, WA 98102